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Адрес:ул. Фонтанская дорога, 51
г. Одесса, Украина, 65062
Тел.:(048) 777-85-10
Факс:(048) 777-85-09
Отдел продаж:(048) 785-29-73
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This information is taken from the producer's site.

For English version, please, follow this link www.ruville.de

Egon von Ruville

Egon von Ruville - is a big, dynamically developing company from Hamburg, which packs the production under its trade mark, today offers a wide range of the spare parts for the cars. In the brand-package of Ruville the production of such well-known firms as SKF, TIMKEN, KOYO, INA, SNR is packed. All these firms manufacture spare parts, which are installed, while assembly.

Today Ruville is:

  • Suspension components;
  • Drive shafts;
  • Bearings and hubs;
  • Cushion pads, protective boots, bump stops;
  • Engine pads;
  • Water pumps;
  • Camshafts and rockers;
  • Belt tensioning roller;
  • Interlock components.

As the rule the manufacturer not always has the full assortment and balanced price supply, in this case Ruville Company applies to several producers, and due to this has an opportunity to offer the wide range of spare parts with competitive prices. The special feature of this approach is setting of the maximum wide range of products, which satisfies the needs of all clients.

For more than 30 years the trademark Ruville is the guarantee of quality, competence and responsibility. Constant developing of the company brightly reflects that trust, which its clients all over the world expires from it. The company’s name obliges it to struggle for the constant superiority in fulfilling the desires of the clients.

The policy of Ruville Company also contributes in the business strengthening on the world market of the spare parts. The company supplies on the world market original spare parts from the factories-manufactures in Europe, which guarantee the stable quality of goods. Ruville program covers almost all brands and types of transport vehicles.

The production of the company Ruville is famous in more than 100 countries of the world. The Company Ruville from the first years of its foundation has established its reputation not only on the European market, but also on the whole world market of spare parts, where the brand «Egon Von Ruville» is associated with exceptional reliability and perfect quality. Positive opinions about Ruville you can hear from the leading manufacturers from all over the world. If you have already tested the quality of spare parts on yourself, we would be glad to hear your opinions about Ruville.

Revising in details the Ruville catalogue, we can mention the following. High quality ball joints of Ruville are characterized with the high degree of durability of the spare parts. That’s why their consumption bets all the records. Concerning the engine components from the very beginning the company Ruville established its reputation as a perfect specialist exactly in the field of the engine components manufacture, 80-years of experience of the producing, own constructors bureau let the company to remain the leader in producing of spare parts for so long period of time.

The German company provides an optimal selection of the spare parts, which form the repair kits. Spare parts, packed by this company will never fail on the road; will provide the comfort and safety on the highway. Ruville is an ideal combination of the price and quality.

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