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Адрес:ул. Фонтанская дорога, 51
г. Одесса, Украина, 65062
Тел.:(048) 777-85-10
Факс:(048) 777-85-09
Отдел продаж:(048) 785-29-73
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График котировок FOREX

This information is taken from the producer's site.

For English version, please, follow this link www.mahle.com

The MAHLE group has more than 30 000 workers on the enterprises in Germany and abroad, it is one of the leading world suppliers and is one of the 30 greatest suppliers of the world car industry.

The restructuring of the company provided a possibility to expand the range of services and to conduct all the forces on the developing of the strategies, orientated on the economical growth. Herewith the orientation on the client’s interests, innovations in the field of technologies, impeccable quality and devotion to the famous brands remain unchangeable.

  • One the manufacture the system of quality approved by the most of clients all over the world, which meets the highest requirements of the quality and confirmed by the ISO 9001 and QS 9000 standards is used.

The wide range of the products is subdivided on the following directions:

Pistons and engine components:

Pistons, piston rings and wrist pins, parts of the piston group, cylinder liners, main and con rod bushings, inlet and exhaust valves, con rods, cylinder blocks and their components.

Filtration systems:

Filters for the cars (oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, filters for the salon, filters of transmission), industrial filters.

Driving systems of valves:

Components of valve-actuating gear

The main specialization of Mahle is the developing and manufacture of pistons and piston systems. It doesn’t matter whether it is economic engine for small high-power car, or for luxurious limousine, or for big commercial cars, word Mahle on the engine parts always inspires respect and confidence in the perfect work. On the international races cars with Mahle pistons and components of engine always take the leading positions in Formula-1, 24-hours International race in Le Man, International Rally Championship, in Turin and also in the ordinary races.

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