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Адрес:ул. Фонтанская дорога, 51
г. Одесса, Украина, 65062
Тел.:(048) 777-85-10
Факс:(048) 777-85-09
Отдел продаж:(048) 785-29-73
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This information is taken from the producer's site.

For English version, please, follow this link www.kyb.com

KYB Corporation - is the leading manufacturer of the hydraulic equipment in the world. Company's high technologies find the application in the aircraft, shipbuilding and, certainly, in motor industry.

On the market of autospare parts the company KYB appeared in 1950, and for 57 years the company has achieved impressing successes: now it is the largest supplier of shock-absorbers on the conveyor with the market shares of 25 % in the world and the third supplier in volumes of shock-absorbers on the secondary market (aftermarket) of Europe. The company's Headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. On the headquarters plant and in branches with offices all over the world work more than 8000 persons. The annual turnover of the company makes more than $2.5 mlrd. A share of shock-absorbers in a turnover - 60 %. KYB's shares are presented at a stock exchange in Tokyo. The KYB Corporation annually makes more than 75 million shock-absorbers which are exported to more than 100 countries of the world under uniform trade mark KYB. The basic enterprises are located in Japan, Europe, Asia and the USA.

The world's largest factory of shock-absorbers manufacture.
Output - more than 3 500 000 pieces of shock-absorbers in a month.
The area of 163 500 sq.m.
Number of employees: 1400 persons.
Industrial lines: 35 conveyors

Having replaced shock-absorbers, you will reach a considerable reduction of deterioration of other parts of a suspension bracket. Racks full of gas react better, than many original racks. Appliance in these series shock-absorbers of nitrogen under the pressure and patented by the company KYB valve mechanism provides comfort in driving and interferes the mixing of gas with a liquid (foaming). In this series shock-absorbers, as well as racks and gas cartridges are presented.

The self-adjustable gas shock-absorber is a new concept of the motor industry. The work principle is based on application of a weatherproof hydraulic liquid and forced nitric gas. Shock-absorber GAS-A-JUST of series KYB 55 is ideal at driving when the good controllability is needed from the car and from wheels the high factor of coupling with a road covering is required.

The KYB springs under trade mark K-Flex had already time to deserve popularity and reputation in the countries of Europe. The company KYB offers the most expanded assortment of springs for the European and Japanese cars.

Excellent characteristics, the advanced technics and set of technical advantages provide to shock-absorbers long operational service life. An optimum variant for economical replacement of the fulfilled original shock-absorber. Distinctive feature of this series is that shock-absorbers are made with a durability large supply (on 60-70 thousand km of run - more than at new (!) original shock-absorbers).

The high original quality providing dense conformity of protective complete sets KYB to a rod and easy installation guarantee benefit of their use.

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