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Requirements to the automobile accumulator

Electrical capacities: For the last years the quantity of the devices and options which consuming the electrical energy grew up steadily.

From the one hand it is providing of safety (ABS, ESP, airbags, signaling, feeding of trip-computer, heating and distance controlling of back aft mirrors); from the other hand – growing comfort and convenience in driving (power windows, conditioner, sonic system, navigation system, charging unit for mobile telephone, seats heating).

All these things together make a very big capacity on the board electric system and appropriately on the accumulator battery. Besides, accumulator must provide the solving of its main task – start of cold engine.

Company Bosch presents the new line of starter accumulator batteries.

Three main battery series Bosch S3, Bosch S3, S4 Silver and S5 Silver Plus together make up a complex program for individual solutions for each vehicle. Right choice of accumulator battery depends on class of car, kiting-up, and style of driving and climate conditions.

Advantages of accumulators Bosch S5, S4, S3:

  • 100% not-serviceable due to minimal water consumption;
  • minimal self-discharge;
  • innovative silver alloying;
  • maximal safety due to hermetic, patented cover-labyrinth double flame cutoff;
  • suit for installing inside of salon (if it is set by the car construction);
  • easy transportation and installation due to ergonomic handles.

Characteristics of Bosch accumulators:

  • Appliance of silver alloy increases stability to the cycles “charge-charge”;
  • Big reserve of capacity due to increased volume of electrolytes and special geometry of plate grid;
  • Low self-charge, durability terms grows on 25%;
  • Minimal water consumption, protection from runout of electrolytes and flames;
  • Advanced stability to the rust in extreme external temperatures.

Accumulator battery Bosch S3

  • For the cars with little quantity of options the company Bosch offers accumulators S3, which provide safe energy conservation during long period of time;
  • Capacity 41-90 Ampere hour for cars and trucks.

Accumulator battery Bosch S4

  • For higher requirements Bosch recommends starter batteries S4 Silver which suits for the most of car classes. Increased started capacity guarantees fast safety engine start up in each season of the year. S4 Silver line covers 97% of European auto market and includes accumulators for Asian car producers;
  • Capacity 40-95 Ampere hour for cars and trucks.

Accumulator battery Bosch S5

  • Series S5 Silver Plus developed specially for modern transport vehicles with big quantity of electrical systems such as ESP, pre-starting heating, conditioner, CD/DVD-players etc. This series is recommended for installing on diesel cars;
  • Capacity 52-110 Ampere hour for cars and trucks;

Accumulators fro trucks TECMAXX

Accumulators Tecmaxx are produced on “silver technology” and have a huge reserve of capacity and don’t need servicing. Even in extreme conditions Tecmaxx provide quick and easy engine’s start-up, they consume little water and have perfect stability to rust.

Tecmaxx – first “silver” accumulators for the trucks:

  • 100% not-serviceable;
  • Extreme stability to the cycle loadings;
  • Visual system of charging control;
  • 100% tightness while inclination to 90 degrees;
  • Safety even while installing inside the car;
  • Convenient transporting due to ergonomic handles;

Motorcycle accumulators Moba

Powerful and solid program covers almost all marks and models.

Motorcycle accumulators Moba – clean energy, which doesn’t depends on going through lack of roads or driving for your own satisfy, safety technology, stable to all loadings will provide long term durability of accumulator and confident start-up of engine in all situations.

High quality of motorcycle accumulators Bosch is presented in two technologies – 6 V and 12 V.

Basic program DIN:

  • Dry charged;
  • Confident start up in all weather conditions;
  • Central vent;
  • Stagnant electrolyte;
  • Absolutely hermetic;
  • 100% not-serviceable additional priming isn’t needed;
  • Perfect started capacity with high safety reserve;
  • Very low self-charge;
  • Vibration resistant.

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