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Адрес:ул. Фонтанская дорога, 51
г. Одесса, Украина, 65062
Тел.:(048) 777-85-10
Факс:(048) 777-85-09
Отдел продаж:(048) 785-29-73
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Our Company:

The company БастионT (Spec-autotechnika-M, LTD) implements its activity on market since 1999. From the very first day the company was founded, the company has specialized in sale of auto parts, car batteries, oils, chemicals and car accessories for both domestic and foreign car producers.

The aim of our company is the provision of our clients with a wide range of the high quality car parts from leading world producers.

Our staffs knowledge of what exactly does the customer need, has promptly carried our company forward.

Our company keeps itself to the strategic profile which is based on the principle of the progressive movement of the company upwards from one phase to another. On each phase of development, our company obtains the highest of results and having accumulated the experience, knowledge and sufficient database, the company moves to a new, higher level of functionality.

The exact knowledge by our staff of what does the customer need promptly carries our company forward. The brands which БастионT provides are among the biggest companies in the world, they supports the majority of Ukrainian car parts market. Meanwhile, due to the financial stability and reliability as well as to the dynamic development we have earned high marks from our customers. Our policy makes it possible to bring promptly the producer closer to the ultimate consumer, ensuring with it the best feasible price, and a complete range and the high quality of the goods offered.

There are well over 20 000 articles available at our warehouses.

Our partners are professionals in car parts distribution, auto-repair and car service business. Our relations with partners are based on the principles of fair, opened and clear mutually advantageous relationship.

We recommend our business partners a wide range of services including: different methods of payment, a flexible discount system,an optimized form of booking (by telephone, fax or e-mail), a reliable goods delivery system from our main warehouse or our branch warehouses to any region of Ukraine with the help of any kind of transportation within 24 hours. There is also constant training, holding of auctions, information and advertising support for clients as well as granting certificates of high quality and warranty for all delivered products.

The confidence and the recognition given to us by our clients has placed a great amount of responsibility on БастионT company - hence there is the necessity to move forward all the time, to offer the best goods and services available so that we can strive to the leading market positions.

Working for years with БастионT company our clients have watched the constant increasing and broadening of our brands as well as qualitative and quantitative improvement of the stocks at our warehouses with a deep knowledge of the market requirements.

Becoming a partner of БастионT, you will be assured in your business stability and future successful and profitable development with us.

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