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Адрес:ул. Фонтанская дорога, 51
г. Одесса, Украина, 65062
Тел.:(048) 777-85-10
Факс:(048) 777-85-09
Отдел продаж:(048) 785-29-73
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График котировок FOREX

Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments. For more than a century, Delphi has been making the parts cars are born with — often developing new technologies in the process. All Delphi aftermarket products reflect the level of innovation and customer service that has made Delphi a leading supplier of automotive technologies to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

Delphi delivers real-world innovations that make products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and more efficient. Our offerings meet the needs of technicians and consumers worldwide, with technologies for gasoline-, diesel- and hybrid-powered vehicles.

Delphi’s comprehensive range of lubricants offers both performance and choice for engine, transmission, gear and hydraulic oils – from high quality mineral to semi and fully synthetic formulations. Throughout the global aftermarket, Delphi lubricants are known for quality, reliability and durability.

Lubricant performance is vital to help ensure engine protection and vehicle economy hroughout the life of the engine. Today’s lubricants are required to operate under increasingly demanding driving conditions and extreme temperatures. The correct сhoice of SAE viscosity and API/ACEA classifications for specific service needs is critical to maximizing performance and minimizing repair costs for engine wear and tear.

The vehicles equipped with new fuel efficient engines and post-treatment systems require new engine lubricants. Post-treatment systems were not fully compatible with the components, which were traditionally entering into the lubricants formulation. The lubricants of Low Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur called low SA PS eliminate the undesirable components which can be detrimental to the after treatment devices thanks to an innovative formula. Motor oil containing high levels of SA PS can clog the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which can contribute to poor performance and increased fuel consumption. Delphi low SA PS oils are adapted to actual petrol, diesel and direct injection diesel engines equipped with post treatment systems (DPF, catalyst, etc.).

Delphi regularly upgrades its lubricant range specifications in accordance with the latest European and US standards. In order to reach high quality levels, we improved our formulations by integrating new high specification additives.

  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Semi-Synthetic Lubricants
  • Mineral Lubricants
  • Transmission and Hydraulic Lubricants

More detailed characteristic of oils can be found in the online catalogue by clicking on the link in the catalog section.

This product has a certificate of conformity issued by the State Certification System UkrSEPRO.

This information is taken from the producer's site: http://am.delphi.com/

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