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Bilstein shock-absorbers

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Tuning GmbH (official name of the producer of the well-known “Bilstein” shock-absorbers) – means indisputably authority and respected expert of modern suspension technologies for elite auto sport as well as for serial car producers.

Famous history of name “BILSTEIN” started at the end of XIX century, when in 1873 August Bilstein founded his company. In 1928 it has already supplied chrome-plate automobile bumpers in car industry, and since 1929 also automobile thrusters (ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Wagenheber GmbH – is still the best produced and supplier of the thrusters in car industry).

In 1954 time has come for shock-absorbers, when the engineers of “Bilstein” developed the first single-pipe gas shock-absorber, based on the “De Carbon principal”. This technology evolved quickly due to peerless combination of opportunities and comfort. Since 1957 “Bilstein” supplies shock-absorbers to Mercedes-Benz production line, where it is still “Beloved”, and in many cases the only supplier of “suspension heart” – shock-absorber.

Today 2000 workers on four factories produce 40.000 shock-absorbers per day. “Bilstein” develops and supplies its shock-absorbers and total “suspension modules” on conveyors of many car producer for auto sport:

for series  BMW * Bugatti * Daimler Chrysler * Ferrari * General Motors * Jaguar * Lotus * MCC * Nissan * Porsche * Skoda * Subaru * Toyota * VW

for special series BMW * Bugatti * Daimler Chrysler * Ferrari * General Motors * Jaguar * Lotus * MCC * Nissan * Porsche * Skoda * Subaru * Toyota * VW

for exclusive series ABT * AC Schnitzer * AMG * Arden * Brabus * Carlsson * Hartge * Irmscher * Lorinser * RUF * Steinmetz * TechArt * Wolf

for elite auto sport Mercedes AMG * BMW * Citroen * Ford * Peugeot * Porsche * * Renault * Seat * VW.



This information is taken from the producer"s site: http://www.bilstein.de.

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